"Turn off the tv"

George Twopointoh has been seen as an on air contributor for Headline News (HLN) and a host of The History Channels, “History Topicals.” As a host, 2.0 is able to bring a natural and conversational feel to even though most difficult of topics, making his audiences feel comfortable and familiar with any subject matter. As a seasoned traveler, George 2.0 has developed a knack for finding a story.  In fact, more often than not, he is apart of the story.  

In addition to his  work on air, George 2.0 has been hosting events for Janelle Monåe and the Wondaland Arts Society for almost a decade, opening up for Monáe and her band on stages, festivals and private concerts all around the world. It's been his command of audiences and his warm and appropriate comedic in-the-moment reactions that keep the program flowing, the audiences entertained and is what led George to becoming one of the most sought after hosts in the industry. 

“Stories are happening faster than they can be produced for television. The speed at which social media carries a narrative has set a pace no networks can keep up with! We are suffering from ‘social immediacy!" What's the cure!? TURN OFF THE TV!”

Turn off the TV (TOTV) is a process by which competitive, short form content is developed and produced, quickly and efficiently while also maintaining the integrity and production value traditionally associated with mainstream and conventionally produced media. 

15 sec talk show

What if you had to fit an entire talk show within 15 seconds and within the small space of an Instagram frame? That's right, monologue, a word from a sponsor, musical performance and guest all appear on George 2.0's 15 second talk show. 



A 1 Man Show

"From the mouth of one man, comes the soul of every man, seen through the eyes of Any1man."

Written and performed by writer and actor George A. Peters II, the show, both politically sensitive and emotionally charged, examines tough issues plaguing every man while analyzing those of African-American men. “Black men face a unique set of challenges in America today. Any1Man engages difficult issues head-on,” said then Senator Barack Obama in 2006.  

Any1Man is the story of choice and how choices made, or lack thereof; affect the outcome of the lives of each character.  The characters take on a range of personas – from biblical Adam, who was given dominion over Utopia, a lonely paradise for any man; Willie, an angry young man abandoned by his father and damned by his mother, who rages anger at women while desperately seeking their attention; to Wesley, a gay artist rejected by his parents who uses his art as an escape from the frustration he feels towards the stereotypical constraints of manhood. 

“The images of Black men continue to be defined by ugly statistics with our stories being told by polarizing news outlets that seek to paint us with the very same brush. In actuality it is the uniqueness of our individual struggles that make us beautiful and paints the true picture of Black manhood,” says Peters.